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The Shoeys

The Shoeys are a 3 piece band born and raised in Bathurst, Mid West NSW. The boys are all aged 19 just old enough to get conscripted to go to Vietnam if it was 1969. As a band they're being hailed as the last chance cafe, saviours of rock n roll. When asked to described their music the band said "they hadn't a clue".The Shoeys did note that their Manager said they sounded like a post punk, power pop experience somewhere between The Undertones, The Buzzcocks and The Jam. Mal from The Shoeys replied " I haven't heard of any of those bands all I know is our Manager is old, he thinks fire is new". The Shoeys like most Australian bands that have skin rashes have been encouraged to relocate to to pursue their art in Newtown, Sydney but refuse to make the move as the only accommodation available has bedrooms with en suites. The Shoeys chimed in "en suites, that's not for us, what's next Faberge Eggs" ? The Shoeys have 3 tracks available to listen to taken from their forthcoming album which is currently being recording in Bathurst. If you're doing a school project on Bathurst it has a Race Car Track, a Maximum Security Prison and The Shoeys.

The Shoeys are:

Mal Hurley Vocals/Guitar

Marshall Fox Lead Guitar

Caleb Browne Drums